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Matthew Van Ert, Ph.D

Dr. Matthew Van Ert is President and founder of VEN consulting, LLC. His expertise includes applied research in the areas of biofuels, microbiology, and genetics and genomics. As a consultant, he has worked domestically and internationally in the areas of; biomass-to-biofuels, water treatment and aquatic toxicology, public health and disease control, molecular diagnostics and bioweapons non-proliferation.

Dr. Van Ert has served as an investigator/researcher on government and privately funded research projects, including multi-million dollar efforts in biodefense and biofuels. In the field of microbial forensics, he made significant contributions to the investigation of the 2001 anthrax attack in the United States (Amerithrax), including the development of an attack-strain-specific assay for forensic trace-back of evidentiary samples.

In the biofuels sector, he participated as a researcher in a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency program to produce renewable, domestic jet fuel from natural oil sources and served as the Director of Science at a biofuel startup company where he assisted in developing integrated algae-to-fuel systems. He holds patents in the area of molecular diagnostics and algae biotechnology, has published numerous scientific articles, and has been an invited speaker at national and international conferences on subjects ranging from biofuels to bioweapons.

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Yoshimi Nemoto

Yoshimi Nemoto is a scientist at VEN consulting. She came to the United States from Japan in 2000 and earned an associate degree in Computer Programming and Analysis and a B.S. in Microbiology. During her undergraduate studies at Northern Arizona University, she gained research experience in bacterial biothreat agent handling, DNA extraction, quantification, and subtyping using sequencing, fragment analysis and real-time PCR. Her work focused on Yersina pestis and Escherichia coliO157:H7 and she is co-author on a paper describing the use of Variable Number Tandem Repeats (VNTRs) for differentiating pathogenic E.coli strains.

In 2008, she returned to Japan and worked on a research project investigating antibiotic agents for interfering with the multidrug resistant mechanisms of strains of the bacterium, Pseudomonas aeruginosa. She also worked as a scientific interpreter assisting with technical and business meetings between a major US pharmaceutical firm and a biotechnology laboratory in Japan. Collectively, her science and language skills, coupled with her understanding of obstacles inherent in conducting business internationally, allow her to succeed in promoting multicultural business relationships.

In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor activities, cooking, and gardening. This website was created by her.

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